Monday, January 14, 2013

Shrugging Atlas

Who was John Galt?

That's the question that people like to ask when they want you to read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Here's the thing, though... Atlas Shrugged is just another form of propaganda the wealthy like to shove on us to make us believe that they are better than us. Where's my proof? Well, read on and find out.

Atlas Shrugged is the story of a rich asshole named John Galt, who left his country along with all the other rich douchebags because they thought they weren't being pampered enough. In the FICTIONAL book, this left the rest of the people to suffer, because they no longer had the wealthy to take care of them and give them “free things”. It's supposed to be a lesson in self-reliance. Like Herman Cain said, “If you don't have a job and you're not rich, BLAME YOURSELF!” 

Fuck you, Herman... your pizza's shitty, anyway...

Here's what that tells ME, though...

That tells me that we're not co-existing with the wealthy in any way that benefits society... it tells me that we're actually being held HOSTAGE by them! It tells me that their collective fuckin' ego is so fuckin' big that they think they're ENTITLED to special benefits and privileges that the rest of us aren't! Why SHOULD they be? They're not any fuckin' better than the rest of us... they're just richer!

If you were to ask me (and even if you weren't; this is MY blog, so I'm gonna tell you anyway), if those douchebags want to leave society and go live on their own little fuckin' island somewhere, that's just FINE!!! I think we'd be BETTER OFF without 'em! I say, if you want to go cry and bitch about how unfairly you're being treated when you're already wealthy enough to buy our government and get anything you want anyway, THEN FUCKIN' GO!!! Nobody's telling you that you HAVE to live here... get the fuck out! Good fuckin' riddance! Fuckin' assholes...

Then, maybe we can do things the way they SHOULD be done! We can put the power back with the MAJORITY of the people, where it belongs! If we were to rid ourselves of the REAL parasites, then we could safely put the regulations and laws in place that we need, without the influence of their obscene “political contributions” getting in the way of OUR political process! FUCK 'EM!!!

According to Atlas Shrugged, there are two kinds of people: makers and takers. The “makers” are the people who control the industries, and the “takers” are the poor people who sap off them like parasites, by means of paychecks, benefits, and government assistance. Here's the thing, though...

When the wealthiest 2% of the people own more than 90% of the wealth, AND claim the largest portion of “government assistance,” then it becomes apparent who the “takers” ACTUALLY are! They STOLE what they have from the rest of us! This can be dictated by a glance at the rise in executive compensation and wealth vs. the stagnation of the worker's wages and wealth over the last 30 years.  ( When you look at the numbers, you'll see that the REASON they got so rich, so fast is because they STOLE OUR RAISES!!!!! If something's been STOLEN, then doesn't that make the person who stole it a “TAKER?”

Furthermore, who is it that works (or rather, USED TO WORK) in the factories, making their shitty products? Who is it that ships their shitty products? Who is it that builds the roads that they ship their shitty products on? Who is it that buys their shitty products that have been made and shipped? Who is it that staffs their shitty businesses? WE ARE!!!

But the thing is, the rich shitwaffles AREN'T paying for their fair share of society. They use the roads more than the rest of us to ship their goods; they use the courts more than the rest of us to settle their piddly little bullshit disputes; they use the police and fire department more than the rest of us in order to protect their businesses; they use all these things more than the rest of us, so they should PAY MORE for them!!!

But the rich don't, because they've tricked so fuckin' many people into believing that THE POOR are just leeching off of society, when the OPPOSITE is actually fuckin' true! The RICH are the leeches!!! NOT US!!! The RICH are paying PENNIES into the system (comparatively), while the rest of us shoulder the majority of the burden!

And don't give me any of this “They pay 40% of the taxes” shit because the point is moot, given that they own 90% OF THE FUCKIN' WEALTH!!! If they own 90% of the fuckin' wealth, then they should contribute 90% of the fuckin' taxes!!! Why? Like I said, they use OUR shit more and they've STOLEN what they have from the rest of us, so they don't DESERVE it, anyway!!!

Let me ask you a question... there's a tax deduction that a person can get for OWNING A YACHT!!! Will YOU ever be able to afford a yacht? Probably not. So, if only rich douchebags can afford yachts, and they got that money by stealing it from you and me, do they REALLY need that tax deduction? FUCK NO!!!

Because of Ayn Rand's philosophies, poor people all over the country believe that the rich are over-taxed. They've been indoctrinated to believe that if they need help, then they're somehow guilty of theft from society. Let me make something clear to everyone who believes this...

The RICH use a SHITLOAD more subsidies and government assistance than the POOR do!!! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THEY'VE GOTTEN THAT FUCKIN' RICH??? Companies and people who are in the most profitable industries in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE WORLD are paying LITERALLY NOTHING in taxes because of the loopholes and subsidies they're given!

Let me ask you something... Say you're making $25,000 a year. You're paying about $9,000 in taxes (with a little rounding). Meanwhile, Exxon/Mobil is making HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in profit, while getting ALMOST HALF AN ASSLOAD BACK IN REBATES, come tax time! (... and THEIR "assloads" are WAAAY bigger than OUR "assloads"...) How the fuck is THAT shit fair??? If they're making THAT MUCH fuckin' money, shouldn't they pay more than YOU do? 

And what do we do for them? OUR military protects THEIR oil tankers... OUR infrastructure TRANSPORTS their oil and gas... OUR police protect their operations... AND THEY'RE GETTING A SHITLOAD OF MONEY BACK FROM US!!!

If they're paying less than what they're using, doesn't that make them “welfare queens?”

If they're making THAT MUCH FUCKIN' MONEY, then they can afford to pay for THEIR OWN fuckin' protection! They don't need US to pay for it! Fuck, hire Blackwater for all I fuckin' care... just don't charge ME for it, on top of the gratuitously inflated prices I've been paying at the pump! ...greedy, filthy fuckin' shitwaffles!

FUCK THOSE BASTARDS!!! They don't NEED their “government assistance!”

Consider the health insurance companies... the executives are taking salaries in the TENS OF MILLIONS (and often HUNDREDS of millions), annually! Meanwhile, their companies keep raising rates, making it harder for average people and small businesses to afford quality health care for themselves and their employees...

Before Obamacare, those douchebags were perfectly happy to take YOUR hard-earned money and then FUCK YOU when you need your insurance! They were PLEASED to cancel policies on cancer patients, sick children, and anyone else who actually needed the services that they PAID FOR!!!

If that's the way they're going to operate, do they DESERVE to make those salaries? Their wages are LITERALLY paid in BLOOD MONEY! They're PERSONALLY responsible for the deaths of the people who they've denied coverage to! They should be BEHIND BARS for THOUSANDS of counts of NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE!!!


The list of abusive rich shitwaffles goes on and on, but the people who've been tricked by Atlas Shrugged seem to think that this is just fuckin' fine, because if the rich aren't coddled, then they'll abandon us and leave us high and dry; which is a TERRIFYING thought to them! Trust me, if such a thing occurred, it wouldn't be as bad as you think... we'd all be better off without those spoiled, narcissistic fucks! We don't fuckin' need 'em!

Therefore, Atlas Shrugged had it 180 degrees WRONG!!! WE are the makers, and THEY are the takers!!! WE made the shit and everything THEY need to MOVE IT; and THEY took what WE were due! On top of that, they don't even pay for the shit they use; like OUR roads, OUR emergency response personnel, and OUR utilities! The rest of us are subsidizing the rich with OUR tax dollars, and they just think they should be able to float along and let us HAND THEM all our fuckin' money because they think they're BETTER THAN US!!!

but somehow, the single mother working at Wal Mart who needs food stamps is the one that's seen as the villain... people who DON'T need the help are subsidized and left alone, while people who DO need the help are demonized and shamed for accepting the help they get...

Doesn't that just sound bass-ackward??? Well, you're right... IT IS!!!

I don't know about you all, but I'm FUCKIN' TIRED of coddling the rich!!! If they want to be coddled, let their fuckin' HELP do it! That's what they're PAID FOR!!! The rest of us shouldn't be subjected to their fuckin' abuse; but through THEIR control of OUR government, WE ALL ARE!!!

So, why do so many people buy into this Atlas Shrugged shit, if all it does is tell them how much better the rich are than the rest of us; including them? The answer is simple... Stockholm Syndrome! We've all been held hostage by the rich for so fuckin' long, that some people DO believe that the rich are better than us. Some people are tricked into believing that the rich are GODS, who must not be angered, so as to not to invoke their wrath. They end up siding with the rich because they believe that if they don't, bad things will happen and the rich will just squish us all like the bugs we are.

So they buy into this “every man for himself” bullshit, without considering the fact that we all live in a SOCIETY!

Let's look for a moment at the word 'society.' The word 'society' can be broken down into two parts: 'soc,' as in 'the people' (consider also, the word 'social'); and 'iety', meaning 'of the politic'... 'the politic of the people'... what does that mean?

In this case, the word 'politic' is not the term referencing government; it's the word meaning 'constructive order'. The phrase “the body politic”, for example, is in reference to the way all the different systems within the human body work together to make a fully physiologically functional person. This is the definition we're using here; only in reference to the way different PEOPLE function together to advance the common goal of survival and advancement of the species.

It means we all work together to build the world we live in. It means we all help each other out. If it's “every man for himself,” then we're NOT a society; we're a bunch of scavengers, fighting each other for our own selfish needs, right? Consider this... without society, we would have no roads, no police, no fire protection, no hospitals, no courts, and no central structure or infrastructure to build upon. These are things that benefit us ALL and therefore, would offer no benefit to the independent entrepreneur, because the independent entrepreneur would have no incentive to help anybody but themselves.

Because we all need to work together in order to accomplish the things we need to, we have a government to monitor, control, and procedurize all of the social constructs that we need! We all pay into society, because if everybody was trying to do these things on their own, it would be CHAOS. We would live in a constant state of civil war because the Hatfields and McCoys would always be at each other's throats over who can do what and where. Matters that are now settled in court would be settled with bullets, probably killing many more in the cross-fire.

Do YOU want to live like that? I don't think so... neither do I. Therefore, we have SOCIETY, and we have a government, which is supposed to collect taxes in order to conduct the business that addresses ALL of our needs.

The time has come to break the chains of your rich douchebag oppressors!!! The time has come to stop buying into this bullshit and tell them “FUCK YOU!!! You're NOT better than me!!! I'm not gonna let you fuck me ANYMORE!!!”

Those rich fucks are like an abusive husband, and it's time we all left them for the newer, better version 2.0! It's time we started relying on the rest of the people like US, and stopped handing them every fuckin' penny we make with our sweat and pay in taxes! If they're gonna fuck us and hold us hostage to their whims, then it's time to amputate that appendage! The Gangrene is spreading, and we have to cut it off before it gets worse!

Atlas Shrugged is nothing more than fear-mongering for the rich... it's designed to make people be afraid of their wealthy overlords... it's more about demeaning the poor than it's about empowering self-reliance!

If you want to read it, that's fine... it has cultural relevance, in that it HAS influenced society. From that standpoint; from the 'pop-culture' aspect, it might be worth looking at. But it shouldn't be viewed as anything more than a work of FICTION! It shouldn't define your entire world (like Paul Ryan says it does for him... I mean, if that's the philosophy he's running on, it's OBVIOUSLY bullshit!); nor should you let it impact your views of the poor OR the rich...

As I've repeatedly said in my short time writing here, the rich are NO FUCKIN' BETTER than any of the rest of us, and they don't need our fuckin' help!

The sooner we get that through our heads, the better off we'll all be!

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  1. excellent blog post. Here's a George Carlin quote my friend just posted that's as fresh and accurate as the day he wrote it.
    George Carlin saw it coming...
    "And, now, they're coming for your Social Security. They want your fucking retirement money. They want it back, so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street. And you know something? They'll get it. They'll get it all, sooner or later, because they own this fucking place."