Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pointing a Few Middle Fingers

We saw it with the Massey Mining Company.

And now, we've seen it with the West Texas Fertilizer Company.

We've seen it time and time again... profit over life... many of us have lived it, ourselves... and now, a pattern repeats itself.

We all remember the tragedies associated with these companies; yet, we fail to make the simple connection linking them all...

Not a single one of them thought enough of their piddly employees or neighbors to ensure their safety. When it came to improving conditions, they bought their way out of it with bribes to Congress by means of “lobbyists”... and their greed cost human lives, and continue to!

These bribes lowered standards and reduced the numbers of regulators to the point that they were too swamped to do their job...

and now, in Texas, we have a SPECIAL case, in that Rick Perry BRAGS about the deregulation that's “bringing businesses to Texas.” First of all, the VAST majority of jobs that have moved in are MINIMUM WAGE jobs! What fuckin' good is that going to do for a father of two?

Minimum wage... do you realize what 'minimum wage' ACTUALLY means??? 'Minimum wage' means,

... well, we WOULD pay you less, but we can't... you're really only a peon...”

and, given the fact that businesses can get away with almost ANYTHING in Texas, minimum wage jobs are moving in, because employers KNOW that they don't have to give a shit about their employees there!

Do we REALLY need any more evidence that these douchebags don't give a fuck about the lives of ANYONE else??? They all knew the risks their employees and neighbors were taking, and they simply didn't care... as long as it saved them a few bucks.

Consider this... employer abuses now are as high or higher than they were... (are you ready for this?)... during THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!!

Yes, there it is again... the Depression... we've seen it in relation to worker compensation, wealth distribution, and reckless Wall Street behavior... and yes... working conditions.

They wanted child labor. They fought a minimum wage. They fought a 40 hour work week. They fought against safe working conditions. They fought it all, because it was eating into their paychecks... and they're STILL doing it today!!!

The upper echelons of the business world have become entirely held by sociopathic blue-blood narcissists, and THIS is what we get for it!!! You can't even call what we get “table scraps” at this point... we get the “pity” pay...

Here you are... now, go away before you get your 'poor' on me... and don't touch the pool... I'd hate to have to drain it... stay on the plastic, please... off the carpet...”

So what if a few of the lost little lemmings die... there are SO MANY of them... and they just keep making more... they're so CUTE!

Don't you get it yet??? That's how they see us!!! If they didn't, they would have the conscience not to do the things that have taken the lives of so many of the people. If they actually DID care about their employees, they would actually put SOME effort into making safer conditions for the people who make them their fortunes!

Business these days is run like a slaughterhouse. For every one slaughtered, there's another cow coming right in behind to fill the exact same position. So, why take care of them, when they're so easily replaceable?

For a long time, they only paid people enough to keep them from bitching. These days, they don't care how much people bitch... you'll take what you get and you'll LIKE it, or you'll get FIRED for bitching when you should be working!

Employers have us by the balls, because they KNOW it's a shitty economy out there, and they KNOW that you HAVE TO take it, because you'll just get more of the same shit for less money at the next place that tricks you into joining their ranks with silver-forktongue promises without telling you that you have to be there ten years before you get a nickel's raise.

But is anybody in Washington talking about this??? FUCK NO!!! Why??? Because “We the People” don't have a LOBBYIST!!!

Wanna know the fucked up thing???


At what point does corporate “lobbying” get recognized for what it is... corporate oppression?!

My friends, we've been placing our efforts in the wrong places.

Many of us recognize this for what it is... a silent class war.

We tried to make a change with “Occupy”... but sights were set too high. We were attacking the wrong first target.

If you want the advantage, you first take out the infrastructure with which they arm themselves, so that when they're out of ammo, they're just out; and they can't fire any more shots.

Considering the fact that their ammunition is the money that's flooding into Washington, the first target should be the LOBBYING FIRMS; not the banks, themselves.

The banks are soulless. Asking them to change their ways is no different than asking Charles Manson politely to abandon “Helter Skelter”... which is why you have to take down the “Manson Family” first!

So, what we SHOULD be doing, is making it as hard as possible for these lobbying firms to conduct business! Every time they have a meeting, someone should be RIGHT THERE with a microphone and a video camera!

Those assholes should be shadowed the same way the Paparazzi follows Britney Spears!!!

In fact, TMZ, I'm tired of your shallow, exploitative bullshit! Why don't you direct your efforts somewhere that's ACTUALLY productive for society! Why don't you start following the assholes that might be committing FELONIES, rather than the people who might at some point commit a 'nip-slip?'

I don't give a FUCK about 'who got fat,' or about who's pregnant with who's kid, or who's cheating on who...


You have so-called “journalists” who can find out that J-Lo has a mosquito bite on her ass from three miles away, but you can't use that same team to expose the lobbyists and Congresspeople for the douchebags they are??? Come the fuck on... do the right thing for a change... then, maybe... JUST MAYBE... America won't be seen as the shallow assholes we've become to the rest of the world...

for fuck's sake...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Colorado is NOT A "Purple" State!

Perhaps this post is ill-timed, given the fact that election season is over, but I feel this has to be said...

I'm tired of people in the media describing Colorado as a “Purple” State.

I've been here my whole life, and I can tell you, with most certainty, that Colorado is neither a “Red” State nor a “Blue” State; but we're not “Purple” (meaning, our elections could go either way).

While it's true that Colorado went both times for Bush and both times for Obama, I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is not a determinate factor in our politics. Those factors barely scratch the surface of our dynamic.

Here's the truth (whether you like it or not)... Colorado is more of a Libertarian State than one that “swings.” The voters here are somewhat savvy when it comes to rationality and understanding of complicated issues.

Colorado is a very intelligent State by the numbers. As a State, we have the third highest number of College Graduates per capita in the Country. Here in Denver, libraries are easily found, as well as book stores coffee shops (like the place I choose to write all this shit... shout out to Fireside Books and Coffee, on Hampden and Delaware... stop in and have a look around... this place is GREAT). We're a very literate state!

We also have the highest concentration of breweries in the Country; which dictates our love of diversity and originality in tastes. This is also given emphasis by our eclectic collection of international cuisine.

Colorado is a haven for people who have a hard time finding where they belong. I've always been a very social person, so I wind up talking to lots of different people at the bars I frequent (like Sancho's Broken Arrow, the Doghouse, and Armida's Karaoke Bar). Somewhere between a third and a half of the people I meet have the same story... either they know someone here, or they heard this was a cool place, so they moved here and fell in love with Colorado.

The majority of these people felt “out of place” in their former home for one reason or another. As a result, Colorado (or, at least, Denver) has become the cultural equivalent of the “Island of the Misfit Toys.” We have a very large LGBT population, a very large geek population, and a SHITLOAD of stoners (which is a GOOD thing... and supposedly, Woody Harrellson, one of the “stoner kings,” is rumored to be moving here in light of Amendment 64)!

Our small towns aren't as “rural” as the small towns in most of the rest of the country. We have some VERY “liberal” small towns, like Breckenridge, Colorado City, and Monument. The “Conservative rural town” isn't as present here as it is in other parts of the country.

Colorado's politics are basically controlled by our four largest cities: Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Fort Collins. These four cities might as well be separate countries. Boulder is the most “Liberal” of the four cities, being that it has several colleges; and Colorado Springs (the City I try to avoid like the plague... it's a whole different universe) is the most “Conservative,” being the home of the Air Force Academy and the original home of “Focus on the Family” (which recently moved to Highlands Ranch; the most wealthy and conservative suburb of Denver... Mike “The Lying Douchebag” Coffman's district). Denver and Fort Collins, however, are not as “Liberal” as the rest of the country would like to believe.

People here have a strong attachment to individual rights and a “mind your own fuckin' business” attitude with regards to law making. This is why we were able to decriminalize marijuana, legalize medicinal marijuana, and eventually fully legalize marijuana. This is also why I believe that we will see marriage equality in the near future (our Statehouse already legalized “civil unions” this year).

Being mostly rational, intelligent people, we have found a balance; not between Democrats and Republicans; but between Liberals and Libertarians.

Maybe it's just the crew I run with, but the majority of the people I meet tend to fall right down the middle of this dividing line.

I'll be honest... I like it that way. The Libertarians here are much more rational than Teabaggers or “typical” Republicans. You can ACTUALLY have a REAL conversation with people, without it dissolving into “YER JUST A LIBURUL DEMUCRAT COMMIE!” People openly and freely express their opinions, and discuss them at length (and yes, even in bars... I know... that's supposed to be a “no-no”; but it works here).

I love the friendly, approachable nature of our populous. We're easy and fun to engage; and place great pride in the fact that we can have a reasonable conversation about virtually any topic; even the ones that are somewhat “touchy.”

As a result of our somewhat Libertarian populous, the determinate factor in a State-wide or National election isn't so much WHO'S running, but what they represent. However, if voters in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins sit out an election (as we saw in 2000 and 2004), the Theocrats in Colorado Springs have a disproportionate voice to the rest of the State, which makes us LOOK “purple.” When this happens, the rest of us RATIONAL people get pissed. However, we learn from our mistakes, so when these things happen, they usually get corrected in the next election cycle.

Colorado is the greatest place on Earth! Come and see for yourself... you'll quickly learn that everything I've said is accurate and true!

To the media, I'd like to say this...

STOP calling us a “purple” state! If you want the straight beef, ASK THE PEOPLE HERE! We LIKE to engage in these conversations! We LIKE to talk about politics! Any chance we get to share in the glory of Colorado, we take it!

Monday, April 15, 2013

If They Come For Your Guns

Suppose, for just a moment, that someone actually DOES come to “take yer guns away”... what are you REALLY gonna do???

Are you going to have the presence of mind to wonder WHY they're taking your guns?

Or are you going to think that the big, evil, Totalitarian government is taking over... or will you consider the notion that maybe they ACTUALLY have a reason to pay a visit?

What if they have a warrant? What will you do then?

Do you REALLY want to be “that guy” on the news who barricades himself in his house with an arsenal, creating a three-day standoff with the police? I mean, when you see those guys, don't you think, “Yeah... that guy SHOULDN'T have guns...”

but if YOU'RE on the other side of the camera, and YOU'RE the one who people are watching; all of whom are thinking the same thing about you that you thought about all those other people on the news, will you think, “Man... maybe I really SHOULDN'T have all those guns...” or are you going to think, “I WAS RIGHT!!! THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT IS HERE!!!”

Your standoff won't be successful... the police can cut your power off... they can make sure you don't get food... they can hold out as long as it takes.  Even if you have a basement crammed full of MRE's and canned foods, you have to run out sooner or later... and they'll be ready for you, when you do.  So all the guns in the world won't make a lick of difference.  How long do you REALLY think you can hold out?  Furthermore, don't you think that they; being of much larger numbers than just you in your house; might have you out-numbered?

Let me be clear... "Rambo" was a MOVIE!  Nobody's going to successfully take on the police or the army with a survival knife and a bow and arrow; nor will they do it with a bunch of consumer-grade weaponry.  If you HONESTLY believe that you stand a chance, then you really ARE crazy or stupid... take your pick.

(Author's note: I realize that he took on the American government in "First Blood;" not "Rambo"... "Rambo" was in Vietnam... it's just the name that people recognize.)

Here's the truth... if you've made threats against the government, and you've said that you intend to use your guns against the government in a scenario you've been presented by the NRA (even if it has ZERO basis in reality), then don't you fit into the same category as all those crazy people you see on the news?

Do you REALLY want to come down on the side of dipshits like the Branch Davidian Cult and the “Sovereign Citizens?”

The Branch Davidian Cult was holding children hostage... they were every bit as crazy as the Manson Family... and they had a stockpile of guns that probably rivaled some small nations. We all know that they were BATSHIT CRAZY, and look where it got them...

As for the “Sovereign Citizens,” this is a movement that's founded in stupidity... it's the belief that one can renounce their citizenship, so they don't have to pay taxes or follow the laws of the big, evil, Totalitarian American government. They have been known to start shootouts with police when getting pulled over. 

I was behind someone at the Grocery Store one day, when one of these morons decided to start bitching when their receipt said that sales tax was included with their total.

But, sir... we CAN'T take the tax off...”


(me) “Then don't take any of the roads or bike paths that THE REST OF US are paying for... fuck off and go home! Don't wanna live here? Move to fucking Somalia... Saudi Arabia... I don't give a fuck... just get out of OUR country!” (SOMEBODY had to say it... the checker couldn't... she was at work... she would have gotten fired... so she gave me a “thank you” smile)

The guy put his hand on his hip, exposing the handle of his handgun. “And what are you gonna DO about it?”

It sure was fun watching him get tazed by the police five minutes later, when he tried to pull his gun on them... I only wish I could have been there when he was sitting in the police department (that I paid for, but not him), making a phone call to his wife...

“DAMMITT, EDGAR!!! I TOLD YOU not to do that! Now look what it's got you!”

Noticing a theme, here? These people are DUMB AS ROCKS, and you want to side with THEM??? Where's the logic in that?

You like to try to throw some form of logic into your argument by saying “Well, Hitler took all the guns away, and look what happened... Holocaust!”

Again, you're falling victim to things you've been told that simply aren't true. The fact of the matter is, Hitler didn't take the guns away; the Treaty of Versailles did.

The Allies didn't want to see a repeat of WWI; which happened, in part, due to German Nationalistic Imperialism; and fueled by Germany's loose gun laws. SOME citizens were disarmed by the treaty, because (just like the Branch Davidian Cult) they posed a threat to the peaceful existence of the rest of the people of Europe.

Just like the morons back then, some of the morons now SHOULD have their guns taken away! You say, yourself, that some people shouldn't have guns... and that's what history shows, too. We all agree that the dividing line should be HOW the guns are used; whether they're used for oppression or crime; or they're used for hunting and sport. We can all agree that there are some things that guns SHOULDN'T be used for...

So then, why are you so concerned that the government is coming for YOUR guns???

If they come with a warrant, and we BOTH know that very few warrants are issued for such a reason, then why would you think they're coming for your guns just to be oppressive dicks? Bear in mind, the Branch Davidian Cult felt the EXACT same way as you do; that their rights were being infringed; as do the “Sovereign Citizens;” as do all those crazy assholes who barricade themselves in their house and force standoffs...

Here's my recommendation... if you REALLY think that you're entitled to your weapons, then don't present yourself as looking like a paranoid schizophrenic! If you want your weapons, then don't suggest they should be used against the government, because we BOTH know (as I've presented in evidence) that the people who attempt to, always show that they're FUCKING NUTS; and they don't stand a chance, anyway!!!

Let me ask, has your delusion spread so far that you think you're different than the rest of the crazies in such a scenario? Because let me tell you, when you talk about taking on the government with your little arsenal, you sound JUST like them!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Tale of Two Chickenshits, Two More, and a Few More Chickenshits They Work With


incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.

This is an open letter to the United States Congress; being that I'm REALLY fed up, and I know I'm not the only one!

BOTH houses of Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate) are being led by two chickenshits... In the House, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi; and in the Senate, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell...

In the House, John Boehner is too chickenshit to take up any bills that aren't proposed by his own party! If it comes from across the aisle, it's IGNORED!

John, just because you don't agree with the people proposing a bill, that doesn't mean that ONLY your party's position matters! You're a pathetic, chickenshit, narcissist; and you have an even BIGGER problem, too... which I'll get to in a moment... a problem that should implicate YOU in some VERY bad things that certain people VERY close to you have done...

If you're NOT aware of the actions of these people, then you're even dumber than I thought... there is no conceivable way, in my mind, that you could remain ignorant of this issue for so long, and not do anything about it. The fact that you are implicated in this only shows your depravity and complete lack of decency or integrity!

PS: you're obviously a drunk, too... go to an AA meeting or something.

Nancy, you have the same problem as your friend, Harry Reid, in Senate. You're not dealing with honest people... you're dealing with liars and seditionists, and they should be called out as such! They have NO desire to get anything done, because they've all conspired NOT TO!

You KNOW it's true! You KNOW that they don't belong there, because they've conspired against the country! As Minority leader, it's YOUR JOB to call them out and demand hearings to get to the truth! Expose them for the douchebags they are, and the rest will have to work WITH you to prove that they're not seditionists, like the other guys... right???

but you're too chickenshit to do that... you're afraid of coming off as being “too radical”... you're afraid of the Fox “news” audience, and what they'll be told by their indoctrination complex...

I get your position... I really do... but you've gotta grow some balls, and CALL OUT THE TRUTH!!!

Ahhh...Senate, where dreams go to die, and the other two chickenshits take pathetic swings at each other.

Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell is a chickenshit (similarly to John Boehner) because he's AFRAID to let anything go to a vote that might make the President or his party look good.

Majority Leader, Harry Reid, is a chickenshit (for the same reason as Nancy Pelosi) because he won't call McConnell (or his sycophants) out for what is CLEARLY a case of SEDITION!!!

Every fucking day, it's the same... Mitch comes out and says something like,

The American people are tired of this President and his Socialist agenda...”

and Harry Reid retorts with something like,

My friends across the aisle need to get off their butt and vote for something.”

Harry, listen CLOSELY... those people are NOT your friends! They've been playing you for a SAP this whole time!!!

Until you start calling it what it is, you won't get any movement AT ALL from the other side! Call them seditionists (because they are), and they'll have to REALLY work to prove that they're not! The fact is, Mr. Leader, in case you didn't hear when I pointed this out to Mrs. Pelosi, the night of Obama's inauguration, they CONSPIRED against you, and the rest of America!!!


If they're going to go behind your back and PLAN to sabotage the economy, then it becomes YOUR job to call them out as SEDITIONISTS!

They don't give a damn about the country... they don't give a damn about the economy... they don't give a damn about the American people (except the $Million+ club)... all they want is POWER!!!


As for you, Mr. McConnell, don't think you're getting off easy... I'm just getting STARTED yelling!

You're an arrogant, lying, anti-American piece of shit! I'm SICK of you and your worthless caterwauling about your so-called opposition to things that will help improve our country and our situation!

If Harry won't say it, I will...

Mitch, you and your mafia are guilty of SEDITION against the United States!

You're just as much a chickenshit as Harry is, and probably more; because if you're so afraid of what will happen to your precious job or your precious party if you ACTUALLY allow a vote, OR EVEN A DEBATE on ANYTHING, that only shows how spineless you really are!

If you're going to work AGAINST the needs of the country, you don't deserve your job, and you should be SHAMED out of the country!

Do you hate America SO MUCH that you would SERIOUSLY work AGAINST it???

… and as for Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Eric Cantor, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Pete Sessions, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, Rep. Pete Hoekstra, Rep. Dan Lungren, Sen. Jim DeMint, Sen. Jon Kyl, Sen. Tom Coburn, Sen. John Ensign, and Sen. Bob Corker...

YOU'RE the assholes who were AT the meeting (along with Frank Luntz and Newt Gingrich)... YOU FUCKERS are the PRIMARY CONSPIRATORS in this sedition! You shitwaffles should be behind BARS, as you obviously don't give a shit about the well-being of the nation!

What you have done is DISGUSTING, and I hope you spend the rest of your pathetic lives rotting in Guantanamo!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Definition of "Stupid" Expanded to Specifically Include North Carolina Legislature

In case you haven't heard, North Carolina has just found a new level of stupid to sink to. With this move, it appears that Mississippi has competition in their stampede towards “Idiocracy.” (Incidentally, I don't believe Mr. Judge intended that movie to be a suggestion.)

You see, North Carolina only has ONE religion that matters, and everyone who believes differently from them are simply unworthy of equal rights or representation. Therefore, they believe that this religion should be the OFFICIAL religion of North Carolina, and that for that reason, they deserve special advantages and privileges that are ignored to other religions... I mean, those religions aren't THAT religion, so they must be WRONG... they must be some kind of CULT... they simply don't matter...

so that their schools can lead prayers...

… so that they can use ONE RELIGION to govern (or rather, oppress) people...

Am I the only person who sees something WRONG here???

I mean, if North Carolina is declaring that they magically, for some reason, are above the courts and Federal Government, doesn't that look like an attempt to secede???

Following this logic, North Carlina can just as easily pass more measures regarding ways they feel “oppressed” by the Federal government... they can declare that their citizens don't have to pay Income Taxes, for example... or that their cops have the right to search and seize anything they damn well please; warrant or not... or that the Second Amendment says you can own tanks and F-18s... or that there is no such thing as a minimum wage... or they could even bring back slavery, if they wanted to (although, if they undo the minimum wage, it would do the same thing)...

In the articles I've read, they haven't stated where North Carolina believes they have the authority to do this, but I can assume that they believe it comes from the Tenth Amendment, which reads:

Now, when most morons talk about the Tenth Amendment, they know they're talking about “State's Rights,” but most of them have NEVER READ THE FUCKING AMENDMENT!!!

If they had, they would understand that this basically says “if it doesn't say it here, then it's up to you to figure it out...”

What THEY think it means is, “States can do whatever the fuck they want; even if they want to eliminate parts of the Constitution to meet their own sick desires.”

If they didn't think that, then they wouldn't be attempting this legislative coup d'etat. That's the only rational reason I can conceive to explain their actions.

… but then again, it may not be entirely rational to attempt to understand the rantings of irrational people... I mean, sure, they're interesting and all... but only a Schizophrenic could follow what they call “logic.”

North Carolina, you may have just inspired me to create a “movement toward Idiocracy” timeline... while I'm thankful for the creative inspiration, I just have to ask... wouldn't you rather be known for doing something GOOD?

Of course, the problem runs deeper than just the legislators... I mean, SOMEBODY had to put them in office, right? They didn't just APPEAR there, magically. They didn't just walk in one day and start legislating... they were VOTED IN!

Now, what does that say about the voting populous of North Carolina? Well, given the fact that they voted for Obama twice, it's safe to say that the majority of the people only vote once every four years (which, by the way, is the case across THE ENTIRE COUNTRY).

The State Legislature, however, is obviously elected by an entirely un-informed electorate; nearly impervious to such things as “facts” or any understanding of the Constitution. The people who elect these morons only serve to further prove the hypotheses in my earlier post, “Cultivating the Stupid.”

Yes, as people get dumber, they elect dumber people, who do things that help to make people dumber; which only hurts the rest of us, because those of us who actually DO have the ability to think rationally have to constantly deal with the pure rivers of mental sludge that come from this segment of the population.

Watch out going through doors... they might close on your hands, with your knuckles dragging behind you like that...