Monday, March 10, 2014

Brode's New Bill of Rights

Friends, allow me to make a suggestion... one that goes back to two specific points in our history as a Nation; the writing of the Bill of Rights, and the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The history of our planet has shown that when money stays in one family for a few generations, they start to think that they're BETTER than everyone else!  When they get this bullshit, inflated sense of superiority (otherwise known as "Affluenza"), they get it in their heads that they can just buy the government out from underneath us, because they're somehow more deserving of rights than the rest of us clods.

We saw it during Slavery... we saw it during the robber-baron era... we saw it during the Great Depression... and we've seen it at it's worst in the last 40 years.  

With the levels of corruption that we've seen at all these times, the time has come to say "Enough is enough" and realize that this is a cycle that will only continue, unless it's addressed as the human rights issue that it is!

Therefore, without further ado, here is my solution to the problem of the tyranny of the wealthy!

I hope you agree, and that you take this to heart as a way to improve our Nation.

If they won't play nice, then we have to MAKE THEM play nice!


WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, having formed a great union, deem these Amendments to the Constitution to be necessary.  As the first Bill of Rights addressed the right to be free from tyranny by the government, it has since shown necessary to also address the tyranny of the wealthy upon the poor.

1. Every man and woman of working age has a right to a job that pays them a living wage.

2. Every man, woman, and child has a right to health care, a home, healthy food and clean water.

3. No executive position shall pay more than one-hundred times the annual salary of the lowest-paid position under their charge.  Executive wage increases must be voted on by the workforce.

4. No corporate entity may use legal representation of greater expense than that of the person suing them.

5.  All workers have a right to arbitration for unjust firings.

6.  Privately-run enterprises that are deemed to be “predatory” can be shut down and their assets seized by the United States Government.

7.  The right of the people to be free from persecution by their employers for what they say and express themselves in their private lives.

8.  The right of the people to know what information is gathered about them by corporate or non-profit entities.

9.  The right of the people to be free from Corporate Monopolism.

10.  The top twenty percent of the wealthiest individuals and businesses may not lobby Government at any level.

Well, there you go... was it everything you were hoping for?  Does this look like 10 things that will address the problems that we currently face?  Is this radical enough?  Is this TOO radical?  You tell me...