Friday, January 25, 2013

Ode to the Working Man

A toast and a suggestion...

Here's to the working man, and all the jobs we do.
Here's to the shit they put us through.
Shitty bosses,
Shitty wages,
Shitty pay,
Shitty coffee.

Here's to the things we've given up.
Here's to the things they've taken from us.
Our lives,
Our raises,
Our benefits,
Our time.

Here's to the way things CAN be!
Here's to the power we CAN'T see!
Our pride,
Our voices,
Our numbers,
Our evidence, implied!

The time has come,
My friends,
To get things done,
my friends.

Our bosses have taken
What WE were due!
And things get WORSE
Every day or two!

Twice the work
For half the pay;
Chided and berated
Nearly every day.

And floored.
And ignored.

"I'm sick!"
"I'm tired!"
"I'm disgusted!"

We won't give up
One inch more!
I think it's time
We settled the score!

There are more of us
Than there are of them!
Those worthless douchebags'
Fuckin' heads will spin!

Let's stand up
For what we KNOW is right
And tell those shitwaffles


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