Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Than 'Just' Humans

I've worked A LOT of shitty jobs.

I mean, A LOT...

I mean, A LOT of shitty jobs!

In fact, the shitty jobs FAR outnumber the “decent” jobs... and I don't think I'm alone in saying that... I know a lot of people who have floated from one miserable experience to another, hoping to find something where they just feel valued in one way or another; only to find themselves repeatedly in a place where they just get shit on all day, for shitty pay, with a shitty boss, and shitty customers, and shitty conditions, and a shitty atmosphere, and absolutely no recognition for good work... you get the point...

which begs the question... what exactly DEFINES a “shitty job?”

Well, let's see here... some people might see it as the job, itself... cleaning port-o-potties or outhouses, for example... or cleaning up blood-splattered crime scenes... or cleaning roadkill off the pavement...

Some people might see it as bad working conditions; be it safety or climate related.

Some might see it as a job where there's no chance of advancement.

There are those who might suggest it's a hostile work environment; maybe you work with an ex; or maybe you just work with a dick, or a few dicks; or maybe it's because you CAN'T KEEP YOUR DICK IN YOUR PANTS.

Some might say it's a job with shitty pay, or a job where you're not paid what you're worth.

Some might see it in the “Horrible Bosses” sense.

Some might compare it to “Fight Club” or “American Beauty.” You know... a job where you're miserable just because the job is a bad fit for you... you just hate what you do.

I've had all of these scenarios... some where I had several of these issues at once.

I've had shitty bosses that screamed in my face for taking five seconds to hang up my coat, after clocking in AHEAD of time.

I've had jobs where the company was so big that nobody had any kind of voice.

I've had jobs that would really be better positioned if they burned to the ground.

I've had a job where “part time” was 39 ½ hours; but you were still expected to work as many as 84 hours a week (seven twelve-hour shifts), if the deadlines called for overtime (translation: they didn't have to pay for benefits... cheap bastards).

I had a job at a movie theater where we had a RAW SEWAGE LEAK behind the concessions stand. I was wading through three inches of shit and piss while serving popcorn, candy, hot dogs, nachos, and soda to people who wanted to save a few bucks by going to a “value” movie theater. Then, they decided to vacuum up the mess with a shop vac (with a frayed power cord), and told us all to get back to work before the 9:00 rush.

I had a job where I was getting paid EIGHT DOLLARS A DAY, working FULL-TIME! (fuckin' telemarketing... I'll never do THAT again...)

and that's just scratching the surface...

The common theme: the people at the top didn't give a shit about any of the rest of us. The size of the company didn't matter... one of them only had about 150 employees. But while WE were just scraping by, the douchebags who ran the company were gallivanting around the world collecting their rare hunting trophies from every continent (which had their own HOUSE... yeah... a whole HOUSE... just for their hunting trophies... every room made up to be a different continent... doesn't it just make you sick?).

They hide themselves from us in their gated communities and on their yachts. They go places where they don't even have to look upon the poor. They isolate themselves completely from us, so they can maintain their delusion that they're better than the rest of us!

Mitt Romney's 47% comments (and really, the entire tape) illustrates this fact in spades. They simply don't see us as humans at all. They see us as rodents and cockroaches. They see us as scavengers, who are always trying to take from the REAL humans... (that being the rich, of course)

and you know what?

they're right (in a way)...

we're NOT humans anymore...

we're something MORE than 'just' humans...

We're not SOFT, like them... we haven't been PAMPERED our whole lives... we don't have the cleaning staff, or the cooks, or the drivers, or the butlers... we do OUR OWN work! We clean OUR OWN houses! We cook OUR OWN food! We drive OUR OWN cars! We maintain OUR OWN lawns! We shovel OUR OWN walks and driveways! Those wealthy fucks are SOFT ASS PUSSIES because they've never actually had to do any WORK!

WE possess COMPASSION... something they lack entirely. We possess HUMILITY! We possess the HUMAN qualities that THEY DON'T!

Here's the fact, people...

We're the ones who've been hardened by our work!

We're the ones who've earned our muscles and callouses the HARD WAY; rather than in some cushy gym!

We're the ones who endure the harsh conditions in the warehouses, and in the factories, and on the roads!

We're the ones who've taken EVERY STINKIN' PILE OF SHIT they've shoveled at us, and WE'RE STILL STANDING!!!

That shows that we're resilient... It shows that we can't be stepped on that easily!

We need to USE that resilience to CRUSH THESE FUCKERS!!! We need to show them that WE'RE NOT THE INSECTS THEY THINK WE ARE!

Why am I writing this?

Why am I saying all the things I've said 10,000 times before?

Why am I repeating all this again?

because I want a better world...

because I see the powers that need to crumble... and it's not the government, as many have been deceived to believe...

it's the shitwaffles that are CONTROLLING government!

To solve ANY problem, it's best to attack it DIRECTLY at the root; and my friends, the root is all that dirty money that's being shoved at the people we elect by sub-human, narcissistic, worthless, elitist, fuckers with bank accounts that could be featured on an episode of “Hoarders!”

and WE'RE the ones that have to do it! They're not just BUYING government; they ARE government! You can't seriously expect the rich to regulate their own income, can you???

Then again, why not? I mean, we allow Monsanto to regulate itself, and oil companies to regulate themselves, and banks to regulate themselves... I mean, they have members on all the regulatory boards, so I guess we DO expect them to regulate themselves... wow... they're doing a REALLY shitty job...

WE have to take the initiative to fuck 'em! WE have to do it, because nobody else is gonna!

and we have to do it...

because we're SO MUCH MORE than 'just' humans!

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