Friday, March 15, 2013

Django, VICTORIOUS!!! (Part 2 of 2)

Are you angry yet? Aren't you pissed off? Now that you realize that you're all seen as slaves by the people who own our government, don't you want to do something to fix this? Don't you want to take those fuckers down? If Part 1 left you excited and blood-thirsty, then here's the one you've been waiting for... here's the one with the answers... the way forward to a new future, where WE have the power!

Now, here we are, fresh from our understanding of the most common form of modern slavery; in which Wal Mart is the newest incarnation of “Candieland,” and the role of Leonardo DiCaprio's character is played by the Walton family, Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and all the other billionaires and greedy plutocrats who have the ability and the will to simply BUY our government!

So, with all that in mind, how can we POSSIBLY fix this shit???

Well, I'm here to say that all is NOT lost. There are a SHITLOAD more of US than there are of THEM, and that's where our strength lies! We have a voice, and the numbers to make it LOUD! All we need is a little direction...

So, in what direction should we go?

I believe that the first thing we need to do is strike directly at the heart of their power... their money!

How do we do that? What can peons like us POSSIBLY do to threaten the accumulated wealth that comes from over 30 years of corrupt purchases of government? Moreover, can we do it without talking about “raising taxes?” 

I mean, the second we mention that, heads explode and the whole thing becomes a partisan fight. So, if we can avoid ideas that are already blindly and ignorantly rejected by people on “one particular side” of the aisle, then it loses it's partisan sound, right?

Yes... and yes, we can do something it in such a way as to speak to the injustice without raising taxes even ONE PENNY on anyone...

in fact, it'll cost very little to accomplish, and the amount that gets PAID BACK into the system will FAR eclipse the cost; meaning, it will CUT THE DEFICIT!!!

Once their power to buy government has been circumvented, they won't have the ability to control the messaging in the same way that they do now; which means that the lies they've paid to spread won't have the financial backing they need in order for the lies to continue to be spread.

If they can't afford to spread their lies, then we actually have to have a debate on the FACTS, which means they will inevitably lose the argument; giving the power back to the rest of us cool, informed, smart people.

People will be forced to look plainly at the lies they've been told, as the money behind them comes crashing down.

Going back to Part 1 of this series, I would like to re-entertain the question asked by Calvin Candie: 

“Why didn't they rise up?”

Well, we will... and here's how we can do it...

I've been saying that we need to break the backs of the bastards who buy the government by taking away their resources; and there's already a law on the books that will allow for such a dramatic and meaningful change... it's called the “RICO Act”

The “RacketeerInfluenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act” was enacted to combat the influence of organized crime (such as mafia families and drug cartels) over elected officials. Given the level of corruption among the wealthy, with regards to their moneyed “contributions” to Congress, Presidential campaigns, judges, and regulatory agencies; it seems painfully obvious to me that we've simply stopped enforcing the “RICO Act.”

Where's my proof? How about this...

Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas casino tyrant who largely funded Newt Gingrich's Presidential Primary campaign and Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign, was recently paraphrased as saying, “It's getting harder to buy Congress.” Now, to people like you and me, it's PAINFULLY obvious that he ADMITTED TO BRIBERY!!! If he hadn't been bribing our lawmakers, how could he make such a remark?

Now, consider the fact that he's JUST ONE BILLIONAIRE... and the vast majority of billionaires have been doing exactly what he has; paying legislators to make the laws they want Congress to make.

So, why the fuck do THEY get to get away with this shit? We wouldn't let the Gambino crime family do it, or a litany of other criminal enterprises; so why is it ok for “legitimate” businessmen to do it; if their intent is to subjugate the rest of us?

Obviously, these narcissistic fucks shouldn't be running around in society, if they're not going to follow the rules that the rest of us have to... right? If they're going to resort to bribery and extortion to get their way, then they should be behind bars; just like any two bit crook who attempts to bribe a police officer or a juror... shouldn't they?

So, why the fuck aren't they sitting behind bars?

Are they “too big to jail?”

Are they somehow BETTER than the rest of us?

You and I know that they're not... we understand that what they're doing is BLATANTLY illegal (or at least, it SHOULD be)... but they're not prosecuted for their crimes against humanity... in fact, they're REWARDED for their corruption, just like the douchebags that ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE BOUGHT!!!

Now, here's the cool thing about the RICO Act... according to the law, any “ill-gotten gains” that come unto a person as a result of their corrupt actions are TAKEN AWAY!

This means, if we were to start ENFORCING the RICO Act, then all the corrupt assholes who bought government, and the Congressmen who allowed themselves to be corrupted would end up in Federal prison, WHERE THEY BELONG!!!

Not only that, but the power is taken away from the money... it sends a message to all those shitwaffles that we are NO LONGER THEIR SLAVES!!! It tells them, “It's ok for you to run your business and be successful, but you can't do it by suppressing the voice of the people, and lying to make them believe what you want them to, and circumventing elections by simply purchasing legislators!”

They would be forced to operate as LEGITIMATE businessmen; rather than narcissistic, corrupt douchebags!

Once the money's out of the messaging and the government, then WE have the power to influence the people WE elect with our VOTES, without the slavery-steeped BILLIONS of dollars getting in the way!

It tells those motherfuckers, “FUCK YOU!!! Buy a Congressman, lose your fortune!”

That's the message we need to send to those ass-hats!

The corruption has gone TOO FAR!!!

Maybe this IS a “radical” solution to this problem; but it's no more radical than is necessary to restore our democracy to THE PEOPLE! This IS a class war, and WE'RE LOSING!!! I believe that the RICO Act is our “Patriot Missile;” the ammunition we need to regain our power and voice!

We need to start putting pressure on our US Attorneys and Attorney General, Eric Holder to start taking these worthless narcissists down! We should have a national campaign of hate, directed at the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM!!!

Yeah, I said the magic “four-letter word”... and I MEANT it! We SHOULD be hateful of the billionaires! We SHOULD use that hate against them! We SHOULD be pissed; and most of us are! We need to use that to take our country back!

I realize that 'hate' has been used for some VERY despicable things in the past; but I believe that it can be channeled into the right places to affect more positive outcomes! 'Hate' doesn't necessarily have to be EXCLUSIVELY used by bigots and homophobes; the rest of us have plenty of hate, and if it's pointed in the right direction; at the billionaires, rather than at black people as seen in “Django Unchained”; then hate can be used as an effective tool to eradicate the disgusting use of money in politics!

Bear in mind, these assholes aren't just corrupting AMERICAN politicians...

Consider the fact that corporations like Goldman Sachs (among others, including Wal Mart) have been right at the center of the downfall of several European and other major economies as well, including Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. If we can destroy their influence over American politics, then it may have a big impact on the global economy, as well. If WE start jailing the corrupt billionaires, then maybe the rest of the world will follow suit; or, possibly, by jailing the bankers here, it solves the problems there, as well... which would have a dramatic positive effect on the world's economy; not just ours!

The end result is, those motherfuckers will have to face the fact that we're not buying their bullshit anymore! They will have to realize that their ego is not a reasonable basis on which to take away our voice, freedom, workers' rights, economic rights, and voting rights!

They may THINK they're better than the rest of us, but it's time to SHOW THEM that they're wrong about that! It's time to take away THEIR freedom, and show them what their corruption ACTUALLY buys... a trip to Federal Prison and an empty bank account!

RICO Act... learn it, know it, scream it, proclaim it, and ENFORCE IT!!!

Call your State Attorneys General, Eric Holder, and (if you have a legislator friendly to the cause, like Bernie Sanders, Diana DeGette, Alan Grayson, or Barbara Boxer) your members of Congress... tell them to pressure the Government to start enforcing the RICO Act, like we SHOULD BE!!!

Our future and our prosperity depends on it!


  1. Nice to see other people are noticing the problem with the Plutocracy!

  2. Friend, I think I first realized it in Middle School.

    I grew up in a typical middle-class neighborhood; but of course there were just a few wealthy kids there, as well. I saw how differently they were treated by the faculty and the other students. I saw how cruel they were (most of them, anyway) to people who simply didn't have their Daddy's bank accounts.

    From that young age, I've been disgusted with the narcissistic views of the extremely wealthy.

    Later in life, I came to experience it in other ways; particularly in my professional life. I've had some REALLY shitty jobs in my time, and I know what it means to have an employer who really doesn't give a shit about the welfare of their workers.

    That, in my mind, is where the heart of my disgust lies; the inexcusable ego that comes with these bastards, as demonstrated in the "47% video" of Mitt Romney. They don't even view us as HUMANS!

    ... and yet, nobody seems to see it...