Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Definition of "Stupid" Expanded to Specifically Include North Carolina Legislature

In case you haven't heard, North Carolina has just found a new level of stupid to sink to. With this move, it appears that Mississippi has competition in their stampede towards “Idiocracy.” (Incidentally, I don't believe Mr. Judge intended that movie to be a suggestion.)

You see, North Carolina only has ONE religion that matters, and everyone who believes differently from them are simply unworthy of equal rights or representation. Therefore, they believe that this religion should be the OFFICIAL religion of North Carolina, and that for that reason, they deserve special advantages and privileges that are ignored to other religions... I mean, those religions aren't THAT religion, so they must be WRONG... they must be some kind of CULT... they simply don't matter...

so that their schools can lead prayers...

… so that they can use ONE RELIGION to govern (or rather, oppress) people...

Am I the only person who sees something WRONG here???

I mean, if North Carolina is declaring that they magically, for some reason, are above the courts and Federal Government, doesn't that look like an attempt to secede???

Following this logic, North Carlina can just as easily pass more measures regarding ways they feel “oppressed” by the Federal government... they can declare that their citizens don't have to pay Income Taxes, for example... or that their cops have the right to search and seize anything they damn well please; warrant or not... or that the Second Amendment says you can own tanks and F-18s... or that there is no such thing as a minimum wage... or they could even bring back slavery, if they wanted to (although, if they undo the minimum wage, it would do the same thing)...

In the articles I've read, they haven't stated where North Carolina believes they have the authority to do this, but I can assume that they believe it comes from the Tenth Amendment, which reads:

Now, when most morons talk about the Tenth Amendment, they know they're talking about “State's Rights,” but most of them have NEVER READ THE FUCKING AMENDMENT!!!

If they had, they would understand that this basically says “if it doesn't say it here, then it's up to you to figure it out...”

What THEY think it means is, “States can do whatever the fuck they want; even if they want to eliminate parts of the Constitution to meet their own sick desires.”

If they didn't think that, then they wouldn't be attempting this legislative coup d'etat. That's the only rational reason I can conceive to explain their actions.

… but then again, it may not be entirely rational to attempt to understand the rantings of irrational people... I mean, sure, they're interesting and all... but only a Schizophrenic could follow what they call “logic.”

North Carolina, you may have just inspired me to create a “movement toward Idiocracy” timeline... while I'm thankful for the creative inspiration, I just have to ask... wouldn't you rather be known for doing something GOOD?

Of course, the problem runs deeper than just the legislators... I mean, SOMEBODY had to put them in office, right? They didn't just APPEAR there, magically. They didn't just walk in one day and start legislating... they were VOTED IN!

Now, what does that say about the voting populous of North Carolina? Well, given the fact that they voted for Obama twice, it's safe to say that the majority of the people only vote once every four years (which, by the way, is the case across THE ENTIRE COUNTRY).

The State Legislature, however, is obviously elected by an entirely un-informed electorate; nearly impervious to such things as “facts” or any understanding of the Constitution. The people who elect these morons only serve to further prove the hypotheses in my earlier post, “Cultivating the Stupid.”

Yes, as people get dumber, they elect dumber people, who do things that help to make people dumber; which only hurts the rest of us, because those of us who actually DO have the ability to think rationally have to constantly deal with the pure rivers of mental sludge that come from this segment of the population.

Watch out going through doors... they might close on your hands, with your knuckles dragging behind you like that...

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