Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bile-boilingly Revolted

Somehow, “disgusted” just doesn't seem to cut it... I think I'll have to invent a new word to truly express my thoughts right now.

In light of the news reported yesterday, irrefutable PROOF that our government... all the way up to the President, himself... KNEW that the invasion of Iraq was built on LIES! There were no “WMDs” in Iraq... Saddam Hussein had NOTHING to do with 9-11... AND THEY KNEW IT!!!

I'd like to start by asking the Republicans a question: How can you trust your party, when they LIE to you so blatantly? They claim to be “fiscal conservatives,” but they just got done handing a couple trillion dollars to their billionaire buddies, and LIED TO YOU to make you let them.

… and that's just the money...

… so, if they lied us into war... which is beyond reproach... what ELSE were they lying to you about??? How the hell can you POSSIBLY trust them???

I think, though, that there are a lot of us who DID see through the lies. Some of us were fooled at first but caught on later, as more evidence was revealed (which is understandable... we'd LIKE to be able to TRUST our government to AT LEAST not do THIS).

Here's what I'd like to know, though... how far down the timeline do the lies go? If they were lying about Iraq, then they MUST HAVE lied about other things as well; to make their “big lie” more believable... so where does the chain begin?

Well, let's see here...

We now know that they lied about the intelligence leading us into Iraq. Is it possible they lied to us about Afghanistan, too? I mean, at one point, George Bush HIMSELF said he really didn't spend much time thinking about Bin Laden... which, after all, was SUPPOSED to be the reason we were in Afghanistan IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE!!!

… but then, why the fuck WOULD he? I mean, he knew it was really only a stepping stone into the place he REALLY wanted into... which we now have PROOF of!

We know that this was done about seven months before 9-11, so they HAD to know that we were going to invade before then.

What about the Supreme Court decision that put him in the White House?  Could that have been part of the lie?  I mean, we know that there are OBVIOUSLY corrupt members of the Supreme Court... who could have been paid to put Bush and Cheney there by people like the Koch brothers.

Of course, there were other revelations, as well... but those are the big ones that we know about... it starts to build a timeline.

So, as far as we know, the lies could have started as far back as 1999... they had to make a lot of things line up, for them to make a full-scale invasion of an innocent nation seem justifiable.

Let's be honest, here... this isn't going to be settled in American courts... this will ultimately fall to the World Court to decide. The trials will go on for YEARS; just like they did after WWII.

Let's be clear, here... we're witnessing a landmark in world history. Genocides are usually reserved for Religious zealots. This may be the first time, though, that genocide was committed in the name of corporate profits. Is there ANYTHING MORE CONCEIVABLY DISGUSTING than war purely for greed?

I will concede the fact that Donald Rumsfeld used Bible Verses in his Iraq briefings to “President” Bush leading up to the war; although, while there were religious themes (and some people STILL see it as a war against Muslims), this was not necessarily a holy war.

So, what word or phrase should one use to express the outrage, nausea, heartache, and pure vitriol that come with such a revelation? May I recommend “Vomit-raged”... what about “en-swine-trified” (unable to cope with the swine you've been forced to cope with)... perhaps “bile-boilingly revolted?” I think that sort-of covers it... it comes closer than anything else I can think of...

George W. Bush's true legacy:

Genocide for profit.

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