Monday, April 15, 2013

If They Come For Your Guns

Suppose, for just a moment, that someone actually DOES come to “take yer guns away”... what are you REALLY gonna do???

Are you going to have the presence of mind to wonder WHY they're taking your guns?

Or are you going to think that the big, evil, Totalitarian government is taking over... or will you consider the notion that maybe they ACTUALLY have a reason to pay a visit?

What if they have a warrant? What will you do then?

Do you REALLY want to be “that guy” on the news who barricades himself in his house with an arsenal, creating a three-day standoff with the police? I mean, when you see those guys, don't you think, “Yeah... that guy SHOULDN'T have guns...”

but if YOU'RE on the other side of the camera, and YOU'RE the one who people are watching; all of whom are thinking the same thing about you that you thought about all those other people on the news, will you think, “Man... maybe I really SHOULDN'T have all those guns...” or are you going to think, “I WAS RIGHT!!! THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT IS HERE!!!”

Your standoff won't be successful... the police can cut your power off... they can make sure you don't get food... they can hold out as long as it takes.  Even if you have a basement crammed full of MRE's and canned foods, you have to run out sooner or later... and they'll be ready for you, when you do.  So all the guns in the world won't make a lick of difference.  How long do you REALLY think you can hold out?  Furthermore, don't you think that they; being of much larger numbers than just you in your house; might have you out-numbered?

Let me be clear... "Rambo" was a MOVIE!  Nobody's going to successfully take on the police or the army with a survival knife and a bow and arrow; nor will they do it with a bunch of consumer-grade weaponry.  If you HONESTLY believe that you stand a chance, then you really ARE crazy or stupid... take your pick.

(Author's note: I realize that he took on the American government in "First Blood;" not "Rambo"... "Rambo" was in Vietnam... it's just the name that people recognize.)

Here's the truth... if you've made threats against the government, and you've said that you intend to use your guns against the government in a scenario you've been presented by the NRA (even if it has ZERO basis in reality), then don't you fit into the same category as all those crazy people you see on the news?

Do you REALLY want to come down on the side of dipshits like the Branch Davidian Cult and the “Sovereign Citizens?”

The Branch Davidian Cult was holding children hostage... they were every bit as crazy as the Manson Family... and they had a stockpile of guns that probably rivaled some small nations. We all know that they were BATSHIT CRAZY, and look where it got them...

As for the “Sovereign Citizens,” this is a movement that's founded in stupidity... it's the belief that one can renounce their citizenship, so they don't have to pay taxes or follow the laws of the big, evil, Totalitarian American government. They have been known to start shootouts with police when getting pulled over. 

I was behind someone at the Grocery Store one day, when one of these morons decided to start bitching when their receipt said that sales tax was included with their total.

But, sir... we CAN'T take the tax off...”


(me) “Then don't take any of the roads or bike paths that THE REST OF US are paying for... fuck off and go home! Don't wanna live here? Move to fucking Somalia... Saudi Arabia... I don't give a fuck... just get out of OUR country!” (SOMEBODY had to say it... the checker couldn't... she was at work... she would have gotten fired... so she gave me a “thank you” smile)

The guy put his hand on his hip, exposing the handle of his handgun. “And what are you gonna DO about it?”

It sure was fun watching him get tazed by the police five minutes later, when he tried to pull his gun on them... I only wish I could have been there when he was sitting in the police department (that I paid for, but not him), making a phone call to his wife...

“DAMMITT, EDGAR!!! I TOLD YOU not to do that! Now look what it's got you!”

Noticing a theme, here? These people are DUMB AS ROCKS, and you want to side with THEM??? Where's the logic in that?

You like to try to throw some form of logic into your argument by saying “Well, Hitler took all the guns away, and look what happened... Holocaust!”

Again, you're falling victim to things you've been told that simply aren't true. The fact of the matter is, Hitler didn't take the guns away; the Treaty of Versailles did.

The Allies didn't want to see a repeat of WWI; which happened, in part, due to German Nationalistic Imperialism; and fueled by Germany's loose gun laws. SOME citizens were disarmed by the treaty, because (just like the Branch Davidian Cult) they posed a threat to the peaceful existence of the rest of the people of Europe.

Just like the morons back then, some of the morons now SHOULD have their guns taken away! You say, yourself, that some people shouldn't have guns... and that's what history shows, too. We all agree that the dividing line should be HOW the guns are used; whether they're used for oppression or crime; or they're used for hunting and sport. We can all agree that there are some things that guns SHOULDN'T be used for...

So then, why are you so concerned that the government is coming for YOUR guns???

If they come with a warrant, and we BOTH know that very few warrants are issued for such a reason, then why would you think they're coming for your guns just to be oppressive dicks? Bear in mind, the Branch Davidian Cult felt the EXACT same way as you do; that their rights were being infringed; as do the “Sovereign Citizens;” as do all those crazy assholes who barricade themselves in their house and force standoffs...

Here's my recommendation... if you REALLY think that you're entitled to your weapons, then don't present yourself as looking like a paranoid schizophrenic! If you want your weapons, then don't suggest they should be used against the government, because we BOTH know (as I've presented in evidence) that the people who attempt to, always show that they're FUCKING NUTS; and they don't stand a chance, anyway!!!

Let me ask, has your delusion spread so far that you think you're different than the rest of the crazies in such a scenario? Because let me tell you, when you talk about taking on the government with your little arsenal, you sound JUST like them!


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