Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pointing a Few Middle Fingers

We saw it with the Massey Mining Company.

And now, we've seen it with the West Texas Fertilizer Company.

We've seen it time and time again... profit over life... many of us have lived it, ourselves... and now, a pattern repeats itself.

We all remember the tragedies associated with these companies; yet, we fail to make the simple connection linking them all...

Not a single one of them thought enough of their piddly employees or neighbors to ensure their safety. When it came to improving conditions, they bought their way out of it with bribes to Congress by means of “lobbyists”... and their greed cost human lives, and continue to!

These bribes lowered standards and reduced the numbers of regulators to the point that they were too swamped to do their job...

and now, in Texas, we have a SPECIAL case, in that Rick Perry BRAGS about the deregulation that's “bringing businesses to Texas.” First of all, the VAST majority of jobs that have moved in are MINIMUM WAGE jobs! What fuckin' good is that going to do for a father of two?

Minimum wage... do you realize what 'minimum wage' ACTUALLY means??? 'Minimum wage' means,

... well, we WOULD pay you less, but we can't... you're really only a peon...”

and, given the fact that businesses can get away with almost ANYTHING in Texas, minimum wage jobs are moving in, because employers KNOW that they don't have to give a shit about their employees there!

Do we REALLY need any more evidence that these douchebags don't give a fuck about the lives of ANYONE else??? They all knew the risks their employees and neighbors were taking, and they simply didn't care... as long as it saved them a few bucks.

Consider this... employer abuses now are as high or higher than they were... (are you ready for this?)... during THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!!

Yes, there it is again... the Depression... we've seen it in relation to worker compensation, wealth distribution, and reckless Wall Street behavior... and yes... working conditions.

They wanted child labor. They fought a minimum wage. They fought a 40 hour work week. They fought against safe working conditions. They fought it all, because it was eating into their paychecks... and they're STILL doing it today!!!

The upper echelons of the business world have become entirely held by sociopathic blue-blood narcissists, and THIS is what we get for it!!! You can't even call what we get “table scraps” at this point... we get the “pity” pay...

Here you are... now, go away before you get your 'poor' on me... and don't touch the pool... I'd hate to have to drain it... stay on the plastic, please... off the carpet...”

So what if a few of the lost little lemmings die... there are SO MANY of them... and they just keep making more... they're so CUTE!

Don't you get it yet??? That's how they see us!!! If they didn't, they would have the conscience not to do the things that have taken the lives of so many of the people. If they actually DID care about their employees, they would actually put SOME effort into making safer conditions for the people who make them their fortunes!

Business these days is run like a slaughterhouse. For every one slaughtered, there's another cow coming right in behind to fill the exact same position. So, why take care of them, when they're so easily replaceable?

For a long time, they only paid people enough to keep them from bitching. These days, they don't care how much people bitch... you'll take what you get and you'll LIKE it, or you'll get FIRED for bitching when you should be working!

Employers have us by the balls, because they KNOW it's a shitty economy out there, and they KNOW that you HAVE TO take it, because you'll just get more of the same shit for less money at the next place that tricks you into joining their ranks with silver-forktongue promises without telling you that you have to be there ten years before you get a nickel's raise.

But is anybody in Washington talking about this??? FUCK NO!!! Why??? Because “We the People” don't have a LOBBYIST!!!

Wanna know the fucked up thing???


At what point does corporate “lobbying” get recognized for what it is... corporate oppression?!

My friends, we've been placing our efforts in the wrong places.

Many of us recognize this for what it is... a silent class war.

We tried to make a change with “Occupy”... but sights were set too high. We were attacking the wrong first target.

If you want the advantage, you first take out the infrastructure with which they arm themselves, so that when they're out of ammo, they're just out; and they can't fire any more shots.

Considering the fact that their ammunition is the money that's flooding into Washington, the first target should be the LOBBYING FIRMS; not the banks, themselves.

The banks are soulless. Asking them to change their ways is no different than asking Charles Manson politely to abandon “Helter Skelter”... which is why you have to take down the “Manson Family” first!

So, what we SHOULD be doing, is making it as hard as possible for these lobbying firms to conduct business! Every time they have a meeting, someone should be RIGHT THERE with a microphone and a video camera!

Those assholes should be shadowed the same way the Paparazzi follows Britney Spears!!!

In fact, TMZ, I'm tired of your shallow, exploitative bullshit! Why don't you direct your efforts somewhere that's ACTUALLY productive for society! Why don't you start following the assholes that might be committing FELONIES, rather than the people who might at some point commit a 'nip-slip?'

I don't give a FUCK about 'who got fat,' or about who's pregnant with who's kid, or who's cheating on who...


You have so-called “journalists” who can find out that J-Lo has a mosquito bite on her ass from three miles away, but you can't use that same team to expose the lobbyists and Congresspeople for the douchebags they are??? Come the fuck on... do the right thing for a change... then, maybe... JUST MAYBE... America won't be seen as the shallow assholes we've become to the rest of the world...

for fuck's sake...

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  1. You are completely correct that it's class war, and it's been fought for years.