Monday, February 17, 2014

A Conundrum for the Ages

I realize I haven't written for a while.  I've been trying to branch out my talents and techniques, to encompass a broader variety of mediums.  I hope you've enjoyed my recent offerings.

So, dusting off the ol' cobwebs, I thought I'd share the most recent mental query loop I've been stuck in.  

I'm often very frustrated and conflicted between my beliefs, my thoughts, and reality. Sure, I realize that EVERYONE has these conflicts... that's what makes up half of our existence on this planet! Through a series of questions, I will demonstrate my current prevailing enigma... then, maybe someone ELSE can contemplate it as well, and I don't have to suffer this alone.

Question #1:
Is it ever ok to advocate for the death of someone (this includes capital punishment and/or murder)?

Question #2:
There are LEGITIMATE threats to society, due to lack of Psychological and/or Psychiatric treatment. Sometimes, they snap and shoot up movie theaters, malls, or schools. These people will never be re-introduced into society, and will likely only go on to kill more people in prison. Is their life as precious as yours or mine, if they are going to spend their life taking your life or mine?

Question #3:
Some of the most mentally deranged people are also the WEALTHIEST people. They use their money to ensure that the rest of the “unwashed masses” never see a dime. This is one of the effects of the recently coined term, “Affluenza.” These people are entirely destructive to society, and likely have no chance at rehabilitation. This is something that they WILL pass on to their children, further contributing to the problem. What should be done with them?

Question #4:
Given the political power these wealthy people have, it's likely that they will never see a courtroom for their crimes. If they DO somehow see a courtroom, they'll just pay a fine and continue to do what they are doing. This does NOTHING to solve the problem. If our Government and courts have been so deeply corrupted by the neutering money of the wealthy, how can we trust them to hold the wealthy to any kind of accountability for what they have done to us?

Question #5:
Given the level of corruption of governments (notice the plural) and destruction to society and the environment, which threatens us all, is this a matter that the World Court should take on as “Crimes Against Humanity”?

Question #6:
If our governments CAN'T act, and the World Court WON'T act to hold these people accountable for their crimes, including slavery, treason, global wealth theft, racketeering, bribery, extortion, and class genocide (their unwillingness to allow the poor the dignity of medical assistance, food, or basic needs by actively fighting against it while seeking greater wealth from the governments for themselves, IS a genocide of the poor!), at what point does it fall upon the duty of the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD to exact their justice from these people?

Question #7:
If the people were to do such a thing, what would justice be? Some form of “People's Court”? A tribunal held by the MASSES, rather than the courts they've corrupted? What good would that do, if we have to go through the Government and Courts to uphold any verdict?

Question #8:
Even if “the people” find these corrupt bastards guilty, their banks still have to be garnished. There would be no way to hold them accountable. What then?

Question #9:
Consider Bastielle day... the French Revolutionaries stormed the Bastielle, freed their friends and families who had been unfairly imprisoned, and then raided the Aristocracy and beheaded every rich asshole they could find; after which balance was restored to the distribution of wealth. But consider this... there were no BANKS back then! Everything was handled through precious metals!

Given the prevalence of banks in today's world, beheading the wealthy ruling elite really wouldn't accomplish anything more than kicking their fortunes down to their Affluenzic, worthless blueblood kids, and we face the same problem again. The only difference would be, the wealthy would protect themselves better, because they can afford better walls and landmines.

Result: nothing gained; problem potentially escalated. Wealthy get worse and more indignant. Hunger Games is created to give poor people SOME hope.

So, if our Governments CAN'T act, the World Court WON'T act, our own tribunal would accomplish NOTHING, and assassinations would only make things WORSE...

What should we do?

What CAN we do?

Are we just completely, incurably fucked?

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