Friday, January 17, 2014

Call me lazy TO MY FACE... just see what happens...

You know what I'm sick of...

What I'm REALLY sick of?

I'm sick of these douchebag elected Republicans talking about how “lazy” the poor and the unemployed are!

Why can't there be footage of just ONE person at a town hall meeting, telling one of these shitwaffles,


MAYBE, when they realize that poor people don't like being called “lazy”, and a couple of these assholes leave their town hall meetings with black eyes, fat lips, and cauliflower ears, they'll learn how lazy poor people AREN'T! I guarantee you, they sure wouldn't seem “lazy” when they're diligently kicking the shit out of their so-called “Representative.”

The problem with these Republican twats is that they NEVER HAVE TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES FOR WHAT THEY SAY!!!

The fact that they say completely ignorant, affluenzic, narcissistic bullshit like THAT, and then CONTINUE TO SAY IT tells me that they have absolutely no fear of retaliation for these statements!

If ANYONE ELSE were to call you lazy, purely because of the status of your bank account, you'd deck THE SHIT out of them, so why should THESE assholes be any different???

If there should happen to be any “elected” (by gerrymander) Republicans reading this right now, let me tell you a few things...

  1. FUCK YOU!
  2. I hope someone kicks YOU when you're down!
  3. THIS MANY people wouldn't be THIS poor if it weren't for YOU allowing all those executive DOUCHEBAGS to STEAL OUR WAGES!!! THEIR wages went up, while OURS stayed the same; and actually FELL! If ALL the raises ONLY go to the top; ESPECIALLY when worker productivity is at an ALL TIME HIGH; then it becomes BLATANTLY obvious that OUR WAGES have STOLEN it from us! THEY stole the raises that WE worked for!!!
  4. How will your tone change when the people break out the guillotines and start lopping the heads of your “donors,” like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Addelson, Art Pope, and the Walton family? These are the people who continue to corrupt our political system, ruin lives, steal wages, pollute the earth, and practice greed in all its forms.  People have become KEENLY aware that our government isn't going to do anything about these assholes,  because these assholes have BOUGHT enough of the government to keep themselves from getting prosecuted... and the people have a RESPONSIBILITY to eliminate ALL threats to the sovereignty of these United States... both foreign... AND DOMESTIC! And yes, the Koch brothers and all their billionaire friends are domestic threats to the sovereignty of this country, who need to be eliminated... one way or the other.  Our government COULD hang them out in RICO court (at which a guilty verdict would strip them of their VAST fortunes and lock them up for the rest of their lives), just based on the evidence that's available all over the internet, but they aren't doing anything and they aren't GOING to!

Not a single day goes by that I don't think to myself, “Why can't that asshole have a heart attack RIGHT NOW!!! Just wipe that fucker off the Earth! He's fucking WORTHLESS!!! He's a DETRIMENT TO SOCIETY!!!”

Do you think I LIKE feeling that way???

NO!!! I HATE having those thoughts! I HATE feeling like it's necessary to say things like “The world would have been better off without you!” or “You're a fucking waste of skin!” or “Just drop fucking dead!”

... but you have NO IDEA how badly I want MY chance to get up in front of you and say, in a loud, clear tone...


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