Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One Seditionist Invites Another

Ok... ok... I know I usually only post once a day, and I do my best not to sound like a partisan, but something in today's news is something that I find abhorrent, to say the least.

Does that sound like someone who really BELONGS there? Ted Nugent has NO PLACE being in that room tonight! His anti-American rhetoric is something that Teabagging morons might celebrate, but that's something that belongs at their Teabagger rallies and cross burnings... NOT at the State of the Union Address!

Furthermore, Steve Stockman should be DISGRACED from his position for inviting a SEDITIONIST to disgrace our time-honored tradition with his presence!

but then again...

should we REALLY be so surprised???

The Republicans THEMSELVES have been guilty of sedition for the last FOUR YEARS!!!

When an entire Political Party refuses to do the jobs they were elected for, purely for a perceived political advantage; and they spread lies to uninformed people to get their way; and they hold rallies promoted by billionaires in order to scare stupid people; especially having COORDINATED this effort on the night of a President's inauguration... THAT'S A CONSPIRACY OF SEDITION!!!

So, the fact that one Republican with the intellect of a Cro-Magnon invites an open seditionist SHOULD be no surprise; given that Stockman, himself is a seditionist (even though he's really not smart enough to know that... truth be told, I'd be surprised if he could SPELL “seditionist”; let alone define it).

If Ted Nugent is going to threaten the President's life, he shouldn't be in attendance... it's JUST that simple!

Of course, then he'd bitch and whine and complain about not getting his way, and he'll come out with another blatantly ignorant, racist, or insurrectionist comment that'll sent the Teabaggers into a frenzy, and the Liberals into a war machine!

All that remains is one question...

How will “the Nuge” humiliate America THIS time???

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