Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Four Beats Your Two

Last week, I was writing about gun rights pertaining to the Second Amendment. There's another angle here, that I feel is necessary to point out.

We've all heard people who RATIONAL people refer to as “crazy”; they're the ones who insist that the government is coming to take their guns, and they'll have to use their guns against the government when they do it.

They claim that the Second Amendment is what allows them to have and keep their guns.

Simply put, they're wrong. Here's why...

… Yes, the Fourth Amendment... NOT the Second!

… and what the FOURTH Amendment says, is that you're secure from UNREASONABLE searches and seizures, and any such actions must have a warrant attached to it...

Notice how the word “unreasonable” stands out to me? That word means that yes, if you are perceived to be a threat to yourself or other people, then the government can, indeed, come and take your guns.

In some cases, yes, they SHOULD come and take your guns...

Would you have supported the government taking the guns away from people like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, or Adam Lanza, or James Holmes; in order to prevent their massacres?

If your answer is yes, then why shouldn't the government come for ANYBODY'S guns if they perceive an imminent threat?

Do you believe the government will perceive YOU as being an imminent threat?

If not, then no... the government will not and should not be coming for your guns.

If, however, your answer to the question “should the government EVER be allowed to take guns away?” is no, because any government that takes guns away from people is tyrannical, then I recommend you SERIOUSLY re-examine your priorities and values.

Let's be clear, here... if you're planning a mass shooting, then I would say that the government DEFINITELY has good reason to take your guns!

If you're planning an insurrection because you're a whiny little crybaby who can't stand the fact that the election didn't go their way, then yes, the government DEFINITELY has a good reason to take your guns!

If you're planning on attacking the police, either out of vengeance or because you're a dumb-as-a-rock “sovereign citizen,” then yes, the government DEFINITELY has a good reason to take your guns!

On the contrary position, there are lots of people who are screaming “The government is NOT coming to take your guns!!!”

Given the fact that yes, there are some people who should have their guns taken away, I don't think it's entirely fair for them to say that. You never know who you're talking to, and if it really IS someone who should have their guns taken away.

Now, did I say that people shouldn't have guns to protect themselves from criminals?


Did I say that people shouldn't have rifles or handguns for sporting reasons?


I just said that SOME PEOPLE shouldn't have guns... I think we can all agree with that, can't we?

People seem upset that CRIMINALS get guns...

Most people don't want CRAZY PEOPLE to get guns...

So, given the fact that we can all agree that some people shouldn't have guns, doesn't it stand to reason that the guns SHOULD be taken from SOME PEOPLE?

As I've laid out in my Fourth Amendment argument, the government CAN take your guns, and as long as they have “probable cause,” they can do it!

I just have to wonder if some of the people who fear that the government is coming for their guns secretly know that they're one of the people who SHOULD have their guns taken away. I mean, if it's something you fear, maybe it's because deep down, you know you're either too stupid or crazy to be in possession of them...

Is that it?

Do you think the government is coming for your guns because they have “probable cause?”

If so, then why do you have them? Doesn't that make YOU a criminal, by your own definition? If the government can and should take guns away from some people, and you think they're coming for your's, then doesn't that mean that you see yourself as a criminal?

… and the avalanche of insecurity begins...

“I'm not a criminal... the government is just coming for my guns just because they think they can...”

No... they're not...IF they're coming for your guns, they're coming for your guns because they have a reason to, and you know it! I mean, you claim to be such a “Constitutional scholar” based on your knowledge of the Second Amendment, but if you TRULY knew the Constitution, you'd know that the Fourth Amendment proves that your premise is founded in bullshit.

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