Thursday, April 3, 2014

John Roberts and SCROTUS: America's Festering Hemorrhoid

Our Supreme Court has dissolved into a pathetic catastrophe.

Yesterday's blatantly CORRUPT decision regarding CORRUPTION was another abomination from a Court I have entirely lost faith in.

John Roberts' writing of the decision was reminiscent of the graven messages left by the “Lipstick Killer,” William Heirens.

Heirens had a compulsion to kill, that he couldn't control.  He was given the nickname “The Lipstick Killer,” by leaving messages on the walls of his victims' bedrooms written in lipstick, reading “For heaven's sake catch me before I kill more.  I cannot control myself.”

Here's what I mean by that...

John Roberts wrote the decision HIMSELF.  In it, he basically said that in order to prove corruption or bribery, you have to PHYSICALLY CATCH money changing hands ON VIDEO, in order for it to be confirmed as corruption.

“Justice” Roberts, though, must have gotten this little tip from the Koch brothers, when he spoke at one of their anal-tongue-cleansing seminars (loosely billed as “conferences”).  He would have NEEDED that tip to deal with a guilty conscience, seeing as how he was about to make SEVERAL decisions in their favor, while completely ignoring the Constitution.

Let's be honest, though... there are more people in SCROTUS than JUST Roberts, who is actually SMALL POTATOES when you compare his corruption to that of “Justice” Uncle Thomas.

We should have known this guy would be an insufferable, worthless douchebag during the Anita Hill hearings... but the problem is, we have too many other insufferable, worthless misogynists in America, who decided that she must have been lying because she's a woman.  Honestly, that's the ONLY reason he was confirmed.  He's a misogynist, and he appealed to all the other American misogynists.

Before becoming a “Justice,” Thomas was a Corporate Lawyer for Monsanto.  Since then, he has never recused himself from judging a Monsanto case, and has found in their favor EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!  I should say, though... what do you expect from the company that used to make AGENT ORANGE for use in Viet Nam?  Obviously, they have no conscience; and neither does Thomas.

Thomas' wife, Ginny, is very politically active in the Tea Party, takes some of her paychecks from the KOCH BROTHERS and other billionaires, who her husband conveniently finds in favor of every time one of them appears before their court.

Thomas has also been caught cheating on his taxes... not reporting all of his income... not reporting parts of his wife's income... more evidence that he doesn't want to get caught being corrupt!

I would take a stab and say that “Justice” Thomas is THE SINGLE MOST CORRUPT SUPREME COURT “JUSTICE” IN AMERICAN HISTORY!  Furthermore, I would argue that there is plenty of evidence to back up that claim.

If the Supreme Court were “Alice in Wonderland,” “Justices” Alito and Scalia would be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  I've always seen these two failures of American Education as interchangable.  I've never known them to disagree with each other, and they have the common sense of DRYER LINT, whilst maintaining the intellectual consistency of RUNNY SNOT!

Basically, these two are Theocrats masquerading as “Justices”.  They only believe that ONE religion exists, and that ONLY THAT RELIGION should be granted protection under the law; and that NO other religion matters, because it's not a “real religion,” because it's not what THEY believe.

They are BOTH Creationists, who, as we all know, are absolute fucking morons, with no critical thinking ability whatsoever!

Great... two Creationists sitting on the SUPREME FUCKING COURT... yeah... THAT'S what we need... people with an absolute absence of intellectual integrity... THAT'LL do this country good...

Creationists are archaic, moronic IDIOTS, who have NO BUSINESS being ANYWHERE NEAR law... but we have TWO of them on our HIGHEST COURT (and more than a few on the CONGRESSIONAL SCIENCE COMMITTEE... but that's another rant)!!!

So, here's my question...

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