Monday, April 7, 2014

Dear Charles Koch

Dear Charles Koch,

You truly are a sad, pathetic, narcissist.

The op-ed you wrote in the Wall St. Journal was the single most glaringly ABHORRENT thing I've read since MEIN KAMPF!

Let me point something out... something that you are OBVIOUSLY oblivious of, apparently...


YOU are the new public face of “Affluenza”!

You have ABSOLUTELY no idea how the other side lives, so don't come to me talking about your “principles,” because YOUR (completely soulless, immoral, anti-ethical) “principles” don't mean a fuck to me.

You have CORRUPTLY PURCHASED governments on all levels, all the way down to SMALL SCHOOL BOARDS!

You pump your oil all over the world's lands and waters.

You pay POVERTY WAGES at your corporations.

You work to KICK people who are already down.

You (and your shitty brother) are the most morally and intellectually corrupt individuals since MOUSILLINI!

You may have billions in (several) banks (many of which you hide so you don't have to pay your fair share on them, you thieving fucks), but with regards to your behavior, you're completely and totally ETHICALLY bankrupt!

You worship Ayn Rand, because you feel it entitles you to have no conscience about the things you do...

Well, why don't you be more like John Galt...

… and just...

… fuck off...

… go away...

… leave...

… we don't want you OR your shitty companies...

… just take your money and fuck off...

… seriously.

You (so-called) “Libertarians” are supposed to believe that “your freedom ends where mine begins,” but with your corruption of the nation's governments, you have shown that you actually don't agree with that.  You seem to think that you can do whatever you want to THE REST OF US, but that we can't have anything to say or do about it.

To put this into context, you fucking hypocrite, this means you are essentially saying “Your freedom never begins because mine never ends.”

If you TRULY believed that, you would just take your shitty money, build your own shitty island, and keep to yourself, sustainably, so you don't have to rely on anyone else.

Instead, you take everything you can from everyone else (yes... I'm saying YOU'RE the “taker”), and walk all over everyone else to do it.

So, here's my proposal...

Do it... just go fuck off to your own island... leave society... take your shitty brother with you, so you can yacht between each others islands... and leave the rest of us the fuck alone...

… or else...

Google the date “14 July, 1789” for more info.

Here's a hint:

You've NEUTERED our government's ability to act against you, by buying enough of it off... but THE PEOPLE are pissed... your tyranny won't stand much longer... THE PEOPLE won't allow it.

So, in closing, allow me to sum up my commentary thusly:

      -You're a fucking narcissist.
      -You're a fucking Blueblood.
      -You're WORSE than that "Affluenza" kid (HE only killed FOUR people... you're responsible for
      -Fuck off.
      -Go away.
      -You're a fucking hypocrite.
      -Fuck off.
      -Picture of a guillotine.

Pray we never meet face-to-face.


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